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Courgette fritti


During the summer, my garden produces an abundance of courgettes. Big or small, a great way to use them is fried into crisp chips.

Serve courgette fritti with drinks as an elegant antipasti, or for a deliciously seasonal alternative to potato chips to accompany grilled steak or fish.

Serves 4 as a small plate

This recipe originally appeared in House and Garden magazine.


  • 4 small courgettes
  • 200g 00’ flour
  • 3tbsp olive oil
  • 1tsp fine sea salt
  • 450ml warm water
  • 2 egg white
  • 2 litres sunflower oil or light olive oil
  • Flaked salt to serve


  • Mix the flour, oil, salt and water to make a batter. Set aside for 20mins.
  • Cut the courgettes into thin batons.
  • Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks and fold into the batter. Heat oil in a deep pan or wok and test with a drop of batter – it should sizzle and turn brown in a few seconds.
  • Dip the batons in batter and drop into the hot oil, small batches at a time.
  • Fry for a minute until golden and scoop out onto kitchen towel then do the next batch.
  • Sprinkle with salt and serve.


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