Restaurants in Madrid

Over the past few years, Spain has been having a restaurant revolution. Its worldwide reputation is now for award winning, avant-garde cooking from places like El Cellar Can Rocca, Arzak and Mugaritz. I’m not one to slavishly follow restaurant trends, but if I’d been in Girona or San Sebastian for the last bank holiday weekend, I’m sure I would have tried to get a table.

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Shooting Eggs

I have spent the last few weeks shooting the photographs for my new book, Egg, to be published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson in the Spring of next year. A book that celebrates eggs, the wonderfully diverse yet simple ingredient, and all my favourite ways to cook with them.

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Agretti – did you know?

We planted some agretti (salsola soda) this spring. It sounds like a drink, but it’s actually something you eat. I’d been aware of this strange green vegetable for some time – the Italians love it and it is often served in restaurants during early spring.

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