My favourite cookbooks of 2018

My favourite 10 cookbooks published in 2018 –these have stood out amongst a superabundance of new cookbooks: excellent recipes, absorbing writing and beautifully produced, these will stand the test of time in a library, as well as becoming dog-eared through constant use in my kitchen.   La Grotta Ices is a stylishly retro and eye-catchingly […]

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Egg – my new cookbook

This month, my new cookbook Egg was released, or should I say hatched? It’s an exploration and a celebration of this wonderful, simple and perfectly packaged ingredient.

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The buzz about the bees

We have three beehives at the bottom of the garden. Sometimes there are four, depending on whether a colony outgrows a hive and needs a second home. This warm summer has meant there has been plenty to forage so the bees have produced lots of offspring and honey. Next week we will take our first harvest and I think it’s going to be a bumper crop.

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